Away from the city…Into the Nature

It was a pleasure trip to one of the best weekend getaways from Bangalore…Guys I am talking about Bandhipur tiger reserve forest…me and my friends went on a 2 day trip and it was filled with adventorous dense forest journey. I cannot explain how much peacefull it was as we’re completely away from the city noises and fully blended with the nature and wildlife. The experience we had was exstatic as one could put away his/her mobiles away and just be with the nature. The wildlife safari was good but one should be very lucky to spot a tiger as the season is from September to November, there is government cottages and it is totally economical, one can book the safari and cottages through online. I suggest the travellers who like to explore the nature and wildlife this is one of the nice places you should visit and also for all the travellers I am requesting you all to be more a responsible tourist as keeping in mind the protection of wildlife.

Bandhipur once was the area for the most population of Tigers, Sloth Bear and many more. But as of now day by day the numbers are coming down in their population. This is purely because of the human intervention in their region, this has to be reduced. We need to be a responsible tourist, as when we went we could witness that the people are throwing away plastics and many other wates inside the forest while traveling. The government has to come up with various measures to bring awareness among the people to stop this nonsense act which could initially wipe out the rest of the indigenious species living inthe forest.

Government is coming up with a plan of changing their forest safari area as they are trying to reduce much human intervention which makes these species to come forward with ease. Bandhipur recently met with a major forest fire which encounterd to loose around half of its wildlife species, as the young generation we should come forward to stop and reduce these man made disastors if we need to protect and save wild life for our next generation.

“Humankind must learn to understand that the life of an animal is no way less precious than our own”.

Published by: Nikhil Ravindran

I am Nikhil from kerala, i am passionate traveler and a hardcore foodie. I love to travel to different destinations and thus explore their culture, traditions and showcase it through my blog.


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