South East Asian Delight

Food is an important factor in our life and as far as I am concerned we should try different styles as trying something new is always good and awesome and this time as a foodie I went on to try my hands on some South East Asian style and my choice didn’t go wrong in any sense as it was one of the best and delicious food I had in recent times.

Me and my foodie favourites decided to head to the “Nasi and Mee ” outlet which is located in VR mall Whitefield , Bangalore. We ordered for some Nasi Goreng rice , Schezwan Chicken Dumplings , Malaysian Noodles. This was the best Asian food I had till now as especially the dumplings which made my mouth watery as I couldn’t resist myself in emptying the plate, it was so tasty that I was not so happy to share it as I was feeling to eat it whole by myself but the good thought of sharing is caring made me not to do that lol…

I must say that not only the food the kind of service they are providing to the customers needs to be noted, the staffs were so neatly oriented about the food as well as about the customers. I could find that they were eagerly asking for feedbacks and also the service was really quick. The most important thing is the kind of ambience the place is providing is awesome , it is a very nice and lovely place to go for a delicious lunch with your favourite one’s.

Published by: Nikhil Ravindran

I am Nikhil from kerala, i am passionate traveler and a hardcore foodie. I love to travel to different destinations and thus explore their culture, traditions and showcase it through my blog.

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