Cravings for Biryani

I had been searching for a place which provides me the best Biryani in Blore , and then my friend suggested  me the old Shivaji Millitary Hotel. When we first visited this place it was like completely crowded and people were waiting near each table to occupy the tables when they are empty, it took us about 90 minutes to get the table but finally when we had the Biryani on the table the smell that made me feel that it was worth the wait. The best option is having a Mutton Biryani with Mutton Chops and there is also an option of getting Mutton Dry which is also one of their best dishes.

They also serve the best Chicken Biryani but one need to get in there early in the race as the demand is high there are chances for the chicken biryani could get over as we missed out on two of the occasions we went there. There is a clear timing for the Hotel mentioned

on the board as it is from 8 Am to 3pm.

They will serve you with a small portion of gravy which I would suggest everyone to mix it with the biryani to get the best spicy taste out of it.

The Hotel is located in Jayanagar 8th Block just near to the bus stand. I would request all foodies is Bangalore to visit this place as it is worth the wait for a biryani. If you are planning to go on a Sunday please be there early as possible as there will be heavy rush for a table for the best Biryani.

Published by: Nikhil Ravindran

I am Nikhil from kerala, i am passionate traveler and a hardcore foodie. I love to travel to different destinations and thus explore their culture, traditions and showcase it through my blog.

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