Pure Italian Delight

This time around on a weekend in Bangalore me and my few friends decided to taste some delicious Italian cuisine. We ended up in “Chianti” the Italian restaurant. This restaurant serves you the best Italian dishes in Bangalore as I am suggesting this from my own experiences as I have been a freequent customer.

The kind of ambience and the lighting’s which makes one really authentic and romantic. I would suggest it’s one of the best places to have a munch of some delicious Italian cuisine with some classic collections of wine’s to select from .

The service is also too good as it doesn’t take much time to serve the food. Whenever we visits the place we would make sure that we don’t miss to taste their super tasty special desert which is the “Bomba Di Cioccolato ” , when this is in front our full concentration will be on it as the hot choco lava melts and the pure taste kicks in.One of the best desert I ever had in my life till now.

The food is quite costly but the one’s having the Zomato Gold Membership I suggest them to give it a try as this place never disappoint’s you.


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