Inside the palace city “Mysore”

Our first day in Mysore started with a visit to the architectural marvel at the Mysore Palace which was built for TipuSultan during his reign. The enchanted beauty of the palace can be witnessed inside as well outside. The major attraction inside the palace is the grand “GoldenChariot” which will only be taken out during the Dusshera prossession time. The grand possession is a visual treat to all the tourists visiting Mysore on this auspicious festival day. The crowd was at its peak inside the palace, every single person’s eyes were glued on the great “Chariot “. We ended the day with a visit to the Chamundeshwari temple which is situated on top of the Chamundi hills. The lighting’s around the city and the aerial view of the lighted palace from the Chamundi hills is a must watch the scenery.

Mysore holds a special place in all travelers heart as this place is the most cleanest places in Karnataka. Every single tourist can wander through the streets with utmost integrity as this place has very low pollution. Moreover i would suggest this place to those corporate employees whom are suffering from the daily stress of their city work life. Mysuru gives one a fresh feeling inside as the climate is so good that a soothing breeze is always blowing around us all the time.

The best time to visit Mysore is the time of Dussera as to witness the festival will be one dream in every travelers mind. It holds for the old history about the great war between the british army and the Tippu Sultans army. If one has to witness the history and its forbidable font memmories then Mysore is the place to be.

There are much more places other than the great Mysore palace to visit when one is traveling to Mysore. The best places to visit are the Brindavan Gardens where one can witness various colourful gardens with a beautiful fountain and many other rare trees and flowers around. This allows one to get rid of the hustle city life and immense oneself into the nature and cultural attributes of Mysuru.

“The Impulse to Travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of life”.

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