Time to furnish my cooking skills

We all are passing through some difficult time, as many said they are bored sitting at home jobless. But as for me, I am spending my quality time trying to learn and furnish my cooking skills.

As its said  each day is an opportunity to learn something new, and the time one stops learning then thats the time one stops growing.

Today I have tried my hands learning how to make proper the ever favourite KFC chicken at home. As we all are stuck at home its not possoble to go out and eat so thought of using this time to try and make it at home. Actually its not a big task as one can make this with very less ingredients.

It takes toatl an hour preparation time , and would you believe that you can make this dish with just only 3 ingredients. Yes you heard it right friends with jus 3 ingredients we can easily make it at home.

The major ingredients required to make “KFC” chicken are

  1. Chicken Broast Mix ( Powder )
  2. Turmeric 
  3. Oats

First we have to clean the chicken peices properly, and then we have to mix the chicken broast powder on to the cleaned chicken. Mix it properly with normal hands for atleast 5 mins. Make sure that all the chicken pieces are completely courted with the broast powder.

Now we have to add 1TBS Turmeric, Salt according to ones need and taste and Chilly Powder as per ones need. Now mix it again properly with our hands as we have to make sure that the masala is completely mixed with the chicken. Now take a bowl and put some broast mix powder add some water and blend it well to make a paste. One can also use curd as a substitute. 

Now put the already masala courted chicken pieces into the paste and mix it well and properly with our hands. After mixing it well with the paste we have to keep the chicken for rest for atleast 30 mins. This will help the chicken to get marinated fast and easily.

Now we have to take some Oats in a bowl as per required and now take the already marinated chicken pieces and dip inside the oats. Make sure all the pieces are couted properly with the oats. After this take a frying pan and deep fry all the pieces in it. Deep fry untill the chicken turns a little brownish in colour. 

So our “KFC” homemade chicken is ready to eat.


Its that simple as now we can easily make it at home with the real juicy taste. Everyone please do try this at home as it is a good treatment for your boredom as well.

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